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Foto Artis Melly Zamri Seksi di Popular Magazine

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"The world of dance delivers himself into the world of entertainment. Reason, make the world dance to travel up to five continents on planet earth who started endangered by human hands dirty. A valuable experience that can not be assessed with uang.Sebuah opportunity not many people owned. Mina Meylinda Zamri or more popular with Melly Zamri designation may be a phenomenon in the entertainment universe. At least when they appear disguised as 'Lady Night' in a variety show on television. When it looks like somewhere between no and no. She was there but hidden behind his mask. Her name was 'not allowed' terendus public. And, when her identity to putrian revealed, the title 'Lady Night' that was missing. "Pull indeed ..." "
She is known as a warm person, easy to close, and easy to get along. Now the woman who was not only smile as the dancers. Talent, talent and ability to explore other areas of entertainment proves itself worthy dijagat calculated. Finally, there was him as a player sinetron, ads model, presenter, singer, comedian, and the billiard sport.

Foto Artis Mina Meylinda Zamri

Foto Artis Mina Meylinda Zamri

"One thing I want to do anymore is write books," she said with a serious expression.

After a moment his expression changed. A hue adorn her eyeballs. As if reading the tip of the speaker talks, then swiftly cut Melly ... "Loneliness may still be I lead ..." she said softly.

Foto Artis Mina Meylinda Zamri

Foto Artis Mina Meylinda Zamri

Guess who is the man who would take her moored at the pier in love, really not easy. Moreover, women who have a mole on his upper lip is rarely seen together with the special man in public. A principle is always his grasp. "I do not want people to know me because I'm somebody's boyfriend or because suddenly exposed romantic life. Make me, there must be an entertainer of his work. That's what should be published, "she said.

Foto Artis Mina Meylinda Zamri

Foto Artis Mina Meylinda Zamri

But Melly realized, as the entertainer, her life settled some of the public. Community right to know the side of life. Including loneliness until now.

Melly may be true. The principle should be maintained. Meanwhile the search continues. Do-do, you still feel at home alone? "The desire is there, but ...," she hung her own words.

Foto Artis Mina Meylinda Zamri

Foto Artis Mina Meylinda Zamri

Too many of the criteria? Maybe. But it was commonplace, she said. Somebody must look for the best. It concerns the long-term life. "I vote yes, vote for the best. But the barometer for choosing words that extent. Terms of this and that its flexible, able to communicate, "she said wisely.

"I'd love to have a partner who is white, smart. Standards, huh? "She chuckled. "If I feel I could feel he was subject to the same, just with a flick of a finger," she said analogous.

Foto Artis Mina Meylinda Zamri

Not cool but a little stubborn. But, again, she said all could be communicated. Flexible. But one thing is for sure, Melly could only find the subject when the man who can nurture and be a priest for himself.

"I do not want to fight nature, but that does not mean do not care about gender. Talk like any natural female gender remains below the men. I realize that. That's what I want to live. "

Beauty is owned by women. Beautify themselves is a duty. But who believes beautify themselves should start from within. Too hard would it be? "Start with heart beautify. The trick, I'd probably sincere, khanaah, more grateful to receive something, always positive thinking people. If I could train it, beauty will shine by itself, "the words of wisdom back sliding of the thin lips.

Melly Zamri then who are a real?

In a simple sentence, Melly was a figure who always wanted to make life beautiful, not because Jimmy is happy but because people are happy about Melly. Ah, Jimmy! But interesting as well.

Melly Zamri Biography :
Full Name: Mina Meylinda Zamri
Nickname: Melly Zamri
Place / Date of Birth: Jakarta, 2 MEI 1976
Nationality : Indonesia
Occupation: Entertainer
Career Sinetron: tempest BATAVIA, STAGE HA .. HA .. HI .. HI ..
Favorite musicians: Natalie Cole, Al Jarreau, Incognito
Favourite Movie Star: Harrison Ford
Favourite Author:
Height / Weight: 160 cm / 45 kg
Size: Shirt: S Pants: 27 Bra: 34a Shoes: 38

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