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Foto Hot Bikini Artis dan Model Seksi Febby Caroline

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Febby Caroline

Febby Caroline

Febby Caroline

Febby Caroline

Febby Caroline "Men Pursue to Surrender"

Cheerful, easy going, easy going, sexy and attractive. As soon as he describes his personal figure. Narcissist? Not really. Impression that it is felt when the model is also adjacent to this sitcom actress She smart, friendly, and easy to talk to. Problem keseksiannya no doubt. He knew exactly the parts of her body attractive.
You have a beautiful body and nice. Even you feel sexy ...
Sexy dependent people see. Sexy broad actually, could the style, face, body posture, the curve of the body, clothing. Many say I support the face and body and sexy. There are curves that how her curves, so ...

Means you believe in yourself with your sexiness?
Yes. But I do not feel confident that my weight increased. Abdomen and thighs so big. If so it would not wear pretty sight. Eventually the crisis pe-de.

What do you do if that happens?
Usually I wear black clothes, or do not wear clothes that pattern too crowded. It could also avoid wearing tight clothes.

Ever feel dead style?
Ever, everyone must have. So try to always pe-de course. If you do not pe-de dong is not pretty sight. Rigid luggage. The crisis pe-de so dead style.

How do you deal with it, after being in crowded places?
Trying to stay calm, do not be complicated, relax. If the initial tension, certainly complicated and completely wrong. Usually, if the initial feeling, such as make-up supports, goes surely delicious.

Febby Caroline Profile :
Full Name: Febby Caroline
Nickname: Febby
Place / Date of Birth: Jakarta / February 14, 1982
Ideals: Entrepreneur
Hobbies: Swimming, Shopping, Singing
Favorite Movie Star: Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton
Favorite Musicians: Britney Spears, Madonna
Career: Soap operas' If Tomorrow Arrives', 'SI Twins',' Warkop
Millennia ',' Sunyinya Nirmala ',' Purple Silk ',
Height / Weight: 165 cm / 47 kg
Shirts: S
Pants: 27
Bra: 34 B
Shoes: 37

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