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Foto Hot Emma Warokka Sexy in Lingerie

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Emma Warokka "Destroyed The blossoming & Love"

Nosed women sexy sitcom actress 'Love from high school Gita' is like a romantic man. Indigenous man really thinks romantic, but the noose culture often become an obstacle. Although willing to do the poses sensual, he never refused a role offered nude. 'But if offered a nude in the Hollywood film, I think about it, maybe even want, "she said. What are her about men, wealth, sex, marriage and career to the next?
Eyes & Lips Sexy Sexy

Session conducted at the beginning of shooting his penthouse consisting of two rooms, all with a living room with a set of home theater, karaoke and a large dining table. Spacious bedroom is located in front of 42-inch flat tv. Also have a sauna and a unique snail-shaped showers, and Jacuzzi with a background scene and the highway Tomang Orchid Garden Mall. The scene can be seen clearly from transparent glass in the room. Looking at the make-up Emma watched the crowded street scene with a vehicle toll.

Emma Warokka Hot

Emma Warokka Hot

After the make-up, Emma was moved from his seat while changing her costume with a white lingerie. Lingerie in her body seemed to fit and of course sexy. Silhouette of his body behind the dreamy lingerie sexy curves showed -55 kg is 171 cm. Who had curly hair straightened by a makeup artist who often helps the photoshoot, so that looks very different than usual.

Emma Warokka Hot

Female admirers Harrison Ford, Catherine Zeta Jones and Madonna are indeed sexy. With a bandage over the knee transparent white lingerie she continued to follow the cuephotographers to style. She posed sesensual possible. Sensual, elegant, beautiful and looks smart. Her eyes turn to more exciting atmosphere.

Emma Warokka Hot

Emma Warokka Hot

Love & Making Love Seasoning

Chat paused because she changed her lingerie. This time the lingerie is worn pink two piece. Curve of her body visible, nan sexy appearance exudes a sensual aura.

The location was moved from the penthouse to the Music Lounge on the second floor. The room consists of a bar, a mini stage for live music nuanced nan lively bustling with flashy paint and wall decoration in great shape like a glass of juice and fruits. Stark contrast to the other room.

This is characteristic of the FM one who dared to forge Boutique Hotel-matching different architecture and design. At the entrance and bar, she positioned herself in a style once more sensual.

Emma Warokka Hot

Emma Warokka Hot

Improvisation & Lifestyle

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