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Foto Artis Seksi Rachel C. Varadilla Hot and Busty Doll

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Rachel Varadilla

Rachel Varadilla

Rachel Varadilla

Rachel Cindy Varadilla

Rachel Varadilla

Rachel Varadilla


"Sheen morning.Sinar light in the morning sun lit hit Marina Ancol, a place to start our activities to take pictures of Rachel Cindy Varadilla, the cover model of this edition. Typical fragrant smell of sea water when we crossed the sea, leaving the Marina. Waves felt up and down while flying in the ship about twenty minutes. Seen a few gulls and eagles across the waters blue, distant sea. They are so graceful, independent and confident. "

While enjoying this trip, open a chat with Rachel C. Varadilla was very friendly and simple, short sesimple name, Rachel Varadilla. Yes, just Rachel Varadilla. Initially we ask for their activities lately. "I did a lot of shooting alone, for several magazines. Usually for a fashion column, "for short smile. "What about the filming soap operas?" "Actually, many offers to play a soap opera. But frankly, spend time playing soap operas and very tiring. Formerly played in several soap operas, then I do not want anymore, really tired. I prefer to work as a model photo shoot, "she admitted.

Then he told me early interest in becoming a model. Is in high school when Rachel Varadilla was happy being photographed and entered in one model agency in her hometown Surabaya. The story stops when we arrive at fresh objective.Fresh welcome. Roofs were lined up at the corners of the island Ayer waving as the team welcomed the arrival of POPULAR. Some time later we were soon preparing to start shooting everything ranging from make-up, hunting locations, until the execution scene.

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